Smarter Access Control

Smarter Access Control

Get the ultimate control over your security with our cloud-based access system! Our Smarter Access Control control combines intuitive user management with a seamless alarm and video integration. With easy user management, you’ll have no trouble keeping tabs on who has access. From small businesses to large corporations with hundreds of doors – we’ve got you covered!

Product Overview

Smarter Access Control: Say goodbye to cumbersome keys and complicated access solutions and say hello to effortless integration with our unified, cloud-based security platform. Protect your valuable assets and streamline your operations with ease.

Smart Security Access Control Installation in Toronto, Ontario


Revamp your employee access system with a touch of technology! Tired of rummaging through clusters of badges and fobs? Look no further - allow your staff to sail through secured doors with their smartphones.

Smart Security Access Control Installation in Toronto, Ontario

Simplified access

Revolutionize your access control with our hassle-free system. Say goodbye to tedious setups and slow updates. With our mobile app or website, you can easily add or remove hundreds of users and cards in seconds.

Smart Security Access Control Installation in Toronto, Ontario

lock control

With just a tap on your phone or a click on your computer, you can now control your doors from anywhere in the world. Lock them up tight or buzz them open with ease using our mobile app or website. And the best part? You can easily grant or revoke access to trusted individuals with just a few clicks, ensuring that your property stays safe and secure at all times.

Smart Security Access Control Installation in Toronto, Ontario

Automation rules, schedules, and alerts

Say goodbye to the headache of unnecessary false alarms and hello to a smarter and more flexible security system! With our customizable automation rules and schedules, you can rest assured that your business is always protected when it needs to be. Our new technology will even automatically disarm your alarm as soon as your first employee arrives in the morning - and to arm it again when they leave, all they have to do is double tap their badge!

Smart Security Access Control Installation in Toronto, Ontario

integrated video

Experience ultimate convenience with just one tap! Instantly jump from an access history event to the corresponding video and seamlessly handle video doorbell calls. No more fumbling with multiple screens. - buzz open your door right from the video call screen and welcome your guests remotely.

The all-in-one solution for intrusion detection, access, video and more.

Intenze Connectionz’s essential systems communicate and work together, resulting in more insight and control
with less onsite infrastructure to maintain. Our cloud-based technology and intuitive interfaces make managing
your business easier and smarter.



Energy Management



Mobile App

Multiple locations. One view.

Learn more about how our Enterprise dashboard makes it easy to scale the energy-saving benefits of Intenze Connectionz across tens, hundreds or thousands of business locations in Toronto, Ontario.

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