Smart Socket

Smart Socket

The IQ Smart Socket is a dual Z-Wave outlet that allows you to control two devices simultaneously, and get real-time energy usage on the screen of both the device and the IQ Panel. Get energy reporting over time on both your mobile device and desktop computer to help you identify usage trends and potentially save energy. Create smart rules like “Turn on lamp automatically in the evening” or “Turn off space heater when I leave home” for intelligent automation, security and energy savings.


  • Control up to two outlets independently
  • See real-time energy usage from the device or from your IQ Panel
  • Get historical energy reports
  • Assign custom names to your devices
  • Create custom schedules to activate devices automatically
  • Display energy usage in Watts or Kwh


  • Operation Frequency: 908.42 (USA)
  • Modulation: BFSK/GFKS
  • Bandwidth: 9.6 Kbps with a raise to 40Kbps fully interoperable
  • Range: Indoor (30m), “open air” condition (100m)
  • Operating Temperature: -35°C – 120°C
  • Device Activated Time: 5ms
  • Total Nodes in one Network: 232
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