Smart Locks

Smart Locks

What if you never had to fumble with house keys ever again? What if you could lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world? Say hello to the Nest x Yale smart lock. Keyless entry, remote access via Wi-Fi, one-touch locking, and complete compatibility with Nest — it’s all here, in a secure and tamper-proof design that raises the IQ of any home.


  • Keyless deadbolt can be locked and unlocked via the Nest app on your compatible smartphone, or via the integrated keypad
  • Wi-Fi connectivity means you can lock and unlock your door using the Nest app from anywhere in the world through the Nest Connect
  • Create multiple passcodes for family members, friends, and house guests; you can also set optional schedules to allow entry at different times
  • Easy one-touch locking feature means you simply have to tap the lock on your way out the door
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone when someone locks or unlocks the door, or view a complete access history at any time
  • Secure and tamper-proof design can’t be picked like a conventional deadbolt, minimizing the risk of break-ins
  • Can be programmed to lock automatically when your Nest system knows you’re away from home
  • Compatible with the Nest Secure alarm system; unlock the door and your Nest alarm will automatically be disarmed
  • Works with Google Assistant for convenient voice controls


6.85 cm

11.66 cm​

1.79 cm​

2.04 g

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