Image Sensor

Image Sensor

The Image Sensor is a motion sensor with a built-in still camera that can be placed anywhere in the home for easy, wireless, affordable surveillance. If the alarm is triggered the Image Sensor will automatically take pictures and send them to your panel and your mobile device. You can also manually “peek-in” either right now or the next time the Image Sensor detects motion and a photo will be sent automatically to your phone via text or email. View your library of saved images in your mobile app.


  • Pair up to five Image Sensors with IQ Panel
  • Five low light emitters allow for clear photos. even in darkness
  • Images can be received via e-mail or text or inside your Alarm com mobile app
  • Peek in right now. the next time the sensor detects motion. or automatically when the alarm is triggered
  • The motion sensor has a range up to 40′
  • Pet immune up to 40 lbs


  • Sensor: 2.6”H x .75”W x .75”D
  • Code outputs: tamper, tamper restore, alarm, alarm restore, low battery.
  • Transmitter frequency: 319.5 MHz
  • Unique code ID
  • Supervisory keep-alive interval: 70 minutes.
  • RF Peak field strength: typical 36000 uV/m at 3m
  • Operating Temperature: -10C~50C Relative Humidity: 5-95% Non-Condensing Storage Temperature: -40-80C
  • Replace battery with exact replacement every 5 years with 3V CR2 (x1).
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